Having a well-rounded website is a must in 2020 for you to bring the ideal customers to your door. Most business owners will focus on launching the site and never looking back at it again, by ignoring the website maintenance aspect completely. Monthly maintenance is a crucial aspect of keeping your brand intact. It’s really not rare to find websites with 2011 copyright tags in their footer.

Here are three reasons as to why you sound consider website maintenance. 


According to Alexa’s statistics (An Amazon Product for web analytics) on 40, 000 WordPress, more than 70% of websites are vulnerable to hacks and viruses. WP White Security wrote an excellent article on this topic last year that I highly suggest you look into. Out of many ways to hack a website, the most popular one would be nulled themes and plugins. Do you ever wonder why someone would give you premium themes and plugins for free? Are they really that generous? In our reality that’s not the case! Most of these themes and plugins inject hidden codes to get into your website. All of a sudden your website is filled with ads, you are not getting paid for the orders on your website or even worse you can’t log back into your own website. A good website maintenance service will prioritize the security aspect of the site more than anything.

Hackers tend to run bitcoin mining from your host, use your host as part of their botnet, mass email your customers, etc. The likelihood of an updated and maintained website to get hacked is far less than a well maintained and secure one.

It’s your job to make sure your site not part of that 70%.

Website Performance

It’s been proven users visiting a website expects the website to load in less than three seconds. According to different studies, over 40% of visitors drop off (leave the website), if it takes more than 3-4 seconds to load. You might be losing potential customers just because of this one reason.

The theme and plugin codes, image optimization, CSS and javascript play a massive role in how long the website takes to load. Most of the popular themes on the market are built for multipurpose and they come with unnecessary elements/modules that your website doesn’t need. This hinders the loading speed of your website a lot if not optimized properly.

The most website also lacks the ability to have their images optimized properly. Using a PNG image where a JPG can be used, reducing image size using CSS instead of resizing the image. If you are a regular blogger or upload new products to your site all the time, performing website maintenance in a timely manner is a must. 

Have a look at your page loading speed at GTmetrix.com.

Website Backups

I bet you have had one of those moments where you type something on a Word document then suddenly something happens to lead the document to be erased. The reasonable frustration you feel is nothing like you will feel once your whole website gets erased or breaks. If your site is dynamic and new content being uploaded to the site often, you should consider running a session of website maintenance often. 

Your website might be running smoothly now, but once you update a plugin that doesn’t resonate with the current theme can easily result in the website breaking. Theme and plugin updates are pretty frequent and it’s important to keep up with them. A monthly backup should not be avoided if you do not want to lose your site or your precious content. 

How can we help?

If you do not know how to perform these tasks or simply don’t have the time? We can take care of maintaining the website for you. After working on hundreds of website projects we have enough experience to maintain a website properly. Our website maintenance services will take care of your site and give you a monthly report on it. Have a look at our plans here and if you consider us we will sign you up in no time!